We're excited to announce the signing of the ever caffeinated Mel Beale to LA Sweat in 2017. 

Mel Beale or Melanie Nichole Beale if we're being all proper, started sweating with LA Sweat towards the end of 2016 and we just couldn't get enough of her blonde braid and sassy remarks. Or maybe it was when we brought her with us to Intelligentsia Cup and she solo lapped he 2/3 field in her first race ever riding with us.

Eh-hem.... We were happy for her, and then let her know she won't be doing the 2/3 race again. Especially since early that year she took fifth at the Tour de Murrieta behind some big women's teams like Colavita, Twenty16 and Hagen Berman.

Oh mel... We're shaking our heads, Mel (and clapping our hands...Y-E-S!)

Often times we lose Mel when we're trying to do a team meeting or warm-up, but now we know where to find her ----> The coffee shop.

This girl can drink more caffeine than anyone we have ever met. From wake-up to race time she averages about 3+ iced coffees, and still somehow manages to be the first person to fall asleep. That's talent.

IN HER OWN WORDS: "Racing for LA Sweat is fantastic. In women's sports there is this stereotype that women have to be Tom Boys. LA Sweat completely destroys that stereotype! We can crush a bike race and then put on our rompers and look fabulous." 

Follow Mel on Instagram: @mel_beale5