Tenacious E.....rin Goodall / by Becca Schepps

We are officially moving on from the braided LA Sweat'ers and moving on to the shorter haired, but taller stature of Erin Goodall. Erin guest rode with LA Sweat the latter half of the 2016 season and this ever trendy, shaved head had us countless times confusing her with former LA Sweat rider Chris Birch (who after finding success at Pan Am's decided to focus more on track next season) as well as team owner, Kelli Samuelson.  

Erin is a ball of vegan joy that never gives up based out of Portland, Oregon. This girl has fight. She has been competing on the track for some time, however this past year marked Erin's first year taking to the P-R-O criterium circuit. It was how she fought so hard to improve, move-up and get results, in a matter of a few races, that earned her the nickname "Tenacious E." You can also see this PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) scribed on her leg in the picture below.

If you need an example of how this towering powerhouse fights and overcomes any adversity, here it is:  Erin is much more of a 4-corner crit racer, she says these races are "her jam," and names Boise Twilight as her favorite race of the season. However, this past year at the Montinore Road Race in Oregon, a race that officially marked her transition from track racing to road, she found herself in a 25-mile solo break. Ouch. She powered through. 

Hailing from the land of dampness, Erin is very Portland. She is not only a vegan, but participates in many Feminist Facebook groups that provide endless conversation, discussion and entertainment in the team car. And whilst Top 40 often blares through the car's speakers, Erin's ears yearn for A Beyonce/Suicidal Tendencies mix (she loathes the idea of having "Call Me Maybe" stuck in her head pre-race).

However the long rainy Portland season doesn't diminish any joy from the ever-present Erin. Although it might because she gets to ride in Castelli's Gabba Longsleeve jersey and Nanoflex Bib tights. Those things are Portland proof. On the road Erin is a calming presence who puts us all at ease by breaking the ice by showing us YouTube Spanish Language Lawyer commercials. But more on that another time. 

To us, Erin is a Portland Unicorn. She's strong, an individual, rough-and-tumble, tender hearted and kind. And if nothing else qualifies her for Unicorn Status, her dreams of having a rainbow mohawk should. We think team owner Kelli Samuelson (a former hairdresser) can make this happen. 

Welcome to LA Sweat, Erin! May 2017 be full of spikes and rainbows.