The Return of The Money Train -- Tracey Craniosacral Camero / by Becca Schepps

Tracey has been scared of this announcement since she realized her riding at Gateway Cup wasn't just dipping her toe back into the domestic cycling ocean to see if it was swimmable, but more like dipping her toe in, and simultaneously realizing the temperature was fantastic and she had been desperately missing that perfect blend of salt water, waves and sun. So instead of slowly wading into the ocean to that awkward point where the water hits the small of your back and you're not sure if you're gonna go in or get out because you're awkwardly and uncomfortably cold, Tracey just dove straight in, head first. She swam out as far as she could and caught a ride on a wave, or dolphin, or mermaid, who knows. Whatever it was, Tracey Cameron is back on the domestic cycling scene. 

Tracey has had many nicknames. Juicyfruit, T-Money, Tray-Cray-Cray, KetoTeeto, Yogi Tracey, That Girl... the list goes on.  No matter what you happen to call her, or what we end up naming her, there is one thing for certain. She is fierce. She is a competitor. And she crushes anything she focuses her energy on -- Which is why we are stoked she's stoked about cycling again. 

Some things Tracey is not stoked about is when the last song we listen to before race time is Britney Spears', "Hit me Baby One More Time," and the fact that at theTour of America's Dairyland's they give out cheese and milk on the podium. Tracey is lactose intolerant. She is also gluten intolerant, sometimes meat intolerant, but other times fruit intolerant, although she used to be a fruititarian and subsided on 30 bananas a day. However, now-a-days she exists mostly on Jun (which is a honey based Kombucha drink) and Bacon.

So wait, let's backtrack. Who is Tracey and where did we find her?

Tracey burst onto the cycling scene out of nowhere with a literal and figurative box of bananas. Seriously, she burst into one of her team hotel rooms, at a pretty big UCI race, yielding a giant box of browning bananas. Fueled by Bananas, Brown Rice and Lentils, she upgraded her way through the categories in less than a season, even getting a top 20 result at the then UCI Women's Winston Salem Crit. That year, she went on to guest ride for some of the best teams in 2013 like Pepper Palace, Fearless Femme and more. She earned some major results, her quads got huge and most noteworthy was her solo breakaway at the Tour of America's Dairyland's Road America road race where Tracey, this no-name powerhouse of a rider, rode off the front and kept going and going and going. She was on fire.

Then after a bad spill later in the season, which left her down half of both of her front teeth, she posted a ridiculously long message on Facebook about how she was quitting cycling that may or may not have ended in a Bob Dylan or John Lennon quote and also somehow tied in Monsanto, gnomes, climate change and possibly transcendental meditation.

With her departure from cycling cemented, Tracey was set on literally bending her body back into the contortionist ways it was used to (she was a child gymnast). Tracey did a ton of yoga, a ton of rehabilitation for her crashes (including new front teeth), a ton of soul searching and documented the progression, which was incredible. She also moved out of NYC to southern Florida. Then decided it was time to turn in the palm tree life for the mountains, and made her way to Boulder, Colorado. She was working as a massage therapist and with the transition took her practice in a new direction and got certified in craniosacral therapy.

In Colorado she felt connected to the earth again. She did more yoga, hiked, and moved into an awesome home with a cuban hunk, 20 birds, 4 cats and maybe a chinchilla and an emu (again, that's the myth). Then on a whim, and perhaps with a bit of persuasion from yours truly, she came and raced with LA Sweat at the 2016 Gateway Cup. On two weeks of training she proved she her fire for cycling was still hot. Color us impressed. 

You may be reading this and thinking, "WAIT, WTF? WHO IS THIS PERSON?" That's what everyone thinks the first one, or maybe seven times they meet Tracey. But then you realize that her passion has no bounds. Her friendship is unwavering. Her generosity is limitless. Her strength is overpowering. And her speed at flipping a toilet paper roll that isn't facing out to out at a host-house is faster than a speeding bullet.  And then you'll fall in love with her too.

Welcome Tracey The-Incredible Cameron to LA Sweat.

It's gonna be a wild ride.