The Sheer Grace of Anna Grace Christiansen

Is it just me or does it seem like all cyclists from PNW travel with their own aeropress and local beans? Welp, Anna Grace Christiansen does not disappoint. This Portland based, Minnesota bred, super strong cyclist is hopping on the LA Sweat train for 2017, and we can't wait to have her along for the ride. 

Anna Grace is no stranger to racing in the US of A and every aspect of it. Waaay back in 2013 she rode her way to best amateur at Nature Valley Gran Prix (now known as North Star Gran Prix) on one of the toughest courses on the calendar, Stillwater. This race holds all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings and trips down memory lane for Anna Grace. It's not only in her home state of Minnesota, but It was her first professional level race and the race that scored her some big "glamorous" gigs on big teams. You know the roles: domestique/breakaway rider/leadout pony.

photo credit:  Matthew Lasala  

photo credit: Matthew Lasala 

Her "teamwork makes the dreamwork" attitude locked down the team competition at the 2015 Redlands, as well as securing one teammate the green sprint jersey and the other landing 2nd in GC. Then in 2016 her team won the team competition at USA Crits. And even when she's gunning for herself, it's all about t-e-a-m. Like last year's 1-2 punch at Arkansas' Rouge Roubaix. Anna Grace landed 2nd and her teammate 1st, so really it's like a win/win/win/win. PS, on topic Rouge Roubiax Anna Grace says, "Gotta love dat gravel jam."

photo credit:  Pat Malach

photo credit: Pat Malach

We are excited to have Anna Grace with us next year and turning her from work horse to full fledge crit pony at America's true favorite races, Crits. Anna Grace describe Tulsa Tough as not just her favorite race but, "the epitome of a uniquely american style of bike racing. The courses are awesome and diverse, the crowds are off the hook, the excitement level is all the way turnt up, Tulsa is rad." 

But really what we are more excited about is the fact that Anna Grace can edit for us. Which if you've been reading these, you've noticed we sometimes need. She hates pour grammar (see what I did there?).  She also travels with an overly-optimistic amount of reading material, which is good for me and Christa - who always have a nose in a book, when it's not in our phones...and "HOUSEPANTS." WTF are housepants? We do not know, but we are excited to learn. 

Let's get sweating, Anna Grace Christiansen!

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