Giddy Up! It's December in the year of 2017 so it's time to talk about Sweating in 2018. Can you feel the excitement? We're clacking our heels, and raring to go. 



We've got two knew additions to our roster this year. Sarah Coney (@coneymaroneywill be joining the sweaters from BC, Canada. Sarah formerly rode for (and ran) the Fluevog's Crit Nasty team. Sarah is a strong believer in shiny legs = fast legs. We're excited to have her, and her baby oil joining us in 2018, ay! 


Returning Riders:
Brenna Wrye Simpson
Christa Ghent
Tiffany Pezzulo
Kim Lucie
Mel Beale
Ashley Faye
Fleur Faure

Kelli Samuelson, Owner
Becca Schepps, Hype Woman
Anna Grace Christiansen, Logistical Pony



(we're excited to say that Ashley Faye and Fleur Faure, who raced for La Sweat at the RedHook Crits will also be joining La Sweat on the crit circuit as well this year!)

YUP! We are coming out the gate fast, with a lot of horsepower. That said, here's what the squad says they're gonna miss the most about being a human now that they're beastly horses. Giddy up!

    horse with hands on a bike (rosa).jpg

    Ashley Faye: Burritos

    Kim Lucie: Having thumbs is cool so I'll be sad to lose that but it's gonna be cool to have a sweet mane and like run around some fields

    Mel Beale: Caffeine. Can horses have caffeine? Dogs can't. So probably that. And opposable thumbs are pretty cool. To be honest I eat a lot of green things and hang out outside a lot so it it's not going to be too bad.

    Christa Ghent: Nay! Naay. Nay! 

    Fleur Faure: FRENCH KISSES! I'll miss that. Can horses kiss?

    Tiff Pezzulo: This is a bike wife Anna Grace question and she's not on the team anymore which is sad (because she'd love to be a horsey), ergo this question makes me sad. Nonetheless I'm going to miss opposable thumbs and coffee the most. But I think I'm going to dig being outside all the time and i'll probably get a bump in endurance.

    Sarah Coney: I don't know much about horses. But I guess I'll miss eating lots of different foods, not having someone on my back, not having a bed to sleep in, not being able to hold hands, etc. When I'm a horse it will be cool to have long hair and have it braided with different colours, but I guess I could do that right now if I really wanted to.

    Brenna: Opposable thumbs, the ability to make conversation--I don't think I'm cut out to be a horse.

    And in case you're like, WTF?! Here's some SQUAD, non horse related info: 


    • The team's most preferred flavor of Nuun is a Pink Lemonade
    • 40% Of the squad prefers Lavender and/or Eucalyptus body wash. 
    • 100% of the team believes in Unicorns (which is good because they're gonna be horses).
    • And when it comes to naps: 


    Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 12.04.06 PM.png

    La Sweat is owned and operated by Kelli Samuelson. 
    The weirdo behind this post is her co-manager Becca Schepps. 

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