If you were paying attention to the internet last week you may have noticed that LA Sweat 2017 is now a thing. 

Team Camp happened, more on that later, and we got our new look. Throughout the season we'll be releasing a very limited run of special pieces from our 2017 collection.

First up, socks!

These bad boys are tube-sock inspired and perfect for playing b-ball, or cycling. Or just looking like the flyest person at the coffee shop. White with navy blue stripes, these socks feature the 2017 LA Sweat and Cinelli logos. They're lower cut, which means you won't have to worry about them covering up that calf muscle. We think they kinda elongate our legs -- and by WE, I mean @Bescka & @SkiBikeGlitter.

But seriously - show your feet some love and support LA Sweat---> Get yourself some SOCKS!

Becca ScheppsComment