What Happens in Trinidad, Stays on The Internet #SWEATCAMP2017

Mid March 2017, nine girls descended on the northern California coastal town of Trinidad, California to ride bikes and share of love of composting and bubble water, amongst other things. 

First, thanks Castelli for driving the cars and capturing some amazing footage (see below):

The riding was insane.

At times we really weren't sure where we were. It looked like something out of Lord Of The Rings and that early 90s computer game MYST.

We nailed a few potholes while having our breath taken away by scenery. But it was nothing our Challenge tires and Cinelli Strato Faster's couldn't handle. 

And thanks to Castelli, they made us go up a climb also known as THE WALL, which was part of the race, Tour of Trinidad, from way back. Then they stood at the top and took photos of us suffering.. Thanks for that. 

Basically, Sweat Camp 2017 was awesome. And we can't wait to get racing.. 

Becca ScheppsComment