Yup! We've got some late-breaking news. Kim Lucie (that's not "Hey, Lucie I'm Home," but "Hey, Loochie, I'm home.") is officially joining LA Sweat for 2017. 

We are stoked. Not just because she's going to fit right in with our coffee crazed Portlanders and her travel-ready aeropress, need for locally sourced beans, and desire for the perfect black pourover - she claims any use of milk is waste of space that could be devoted to caffeine - -  but because if she was a unicorn she claimed she would use her horn to hold doughnuts. DOUGHNUTS. Yum. And seriously, what better way to use a unicorn horn? What's it for anyway? Magic? I have no idea.

But really, Kimberly, Kim but never Kimmy, Lucie (which is pronounced like LOO-CHEE, not Lucy), came out swinging last year. Based out of Tucson, Arizona, she made a name for herself on the fixed-gear circuit (more on that to come....stay tuned), and on the free-wheeloing road won the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix. Yas!

She's a real crit monster and perhaps a glutton for punishment. Her favorite race is the 3rd day of Tulsa Tough - you know the one with the giant hill that makes babies cry? Yeah that one. She claims, "I hate hills, but you kind of don’t notice how much is hurts when people are screaming and handing you dollar bills…plus I won the crowd prime last year so that kinda made it the best day ever." We're skeptical on the whole "I didn't notice how much it hurt thing," but it could have been because she was guzzling her favorite flavor of Nuun, which is Grape, while she charged Cry Baby Hill over and over and over again. 

We <3 Kim because Kim has good car music taste, which is super important when you're traveling by vehicle for hours and hours to go from race to race to race. What's good car taste? It means she basically will listen to anything. She told us the 4 most recent stations at the top of her Pandora (we'll have to switch her to Spotify) are Fleetwood Mac, Calvin Harris, Kevin Gates & Aaliyah. We like!

Kim says she will NEVER ride indoors. She uses the hashtag #layersnottrainers and you can see her climbing into the arctic abyss, or through mega, torrential downpours in her Castelli Nano-Flex warmers and Gabba jersey. LIFESAVERS. But more hard core than that is one time on an extremely long solo ride sans music, sans training partners, Kim had nothing in her head but the word "accoutrements." Brutal.

For all these reasons we're more than excited to welcome Kim Lucie to LA Sweat in 2017. 

You can follow her on Instagram: @ride_eat_repeat. But don't follow her all the time, unless you're looking to also run into her Tucson comrade, Mel Beale. Both of them get easily snacktrackted. 




Stay tuned for updates!! 


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