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Four years ago we sent a customer support email to the fine folks at to see if they even had an ambassador program... they didn't. But low and behold they were willing to start one and LA Sweat was the first team onboard.

"I had used on many occasions for many trips, so I took a chance and reached out." - Kelli Samuelson (LA Sweat Founder) 

For the past 4 years, has not only supported the team as a whole but each individual rider with all their shipping needs. From lost bikes to broken parts, they have always taken great care of the team and made sure every rider was ready and stress-free come race day!

It's not just about shipping, it's about what they do when you make a mistake - like you dropped off your bike and now realize you picked GROUND SHIPPING, and you kinda really need it to be overnight. They're on it. They work with the shipping company, find your shipment, and handle it all. They also do a banger job when things go wrong, as they tend to do...

True Story: In 2015 we arrived at a race, but a riders bike did not. One call to and they were on the case. They tracked down the bike, provided our rider with support to get through the next couple days (like everything was in the bike box - all her clothes, toothbrush, everything). For the next couple days, was on the phone with the shipping company tracking down her bike and keeping us updated on the progress. Basically, they did all that dirty work that can drive you crazy! They found the bike and got it to us. Done deal and we were off to more racing.

We are so happy to have them onboard for another season, and grow together. Seriously, they're the best, and we couldn't do what we do without!!

Working with LA Sweat to ship their bikes, wheels and gear for the past four years has been a great experience. We're hoping 2018 brings them even more success." - Bill Founder

If you haven't used them before, do yourself a favor and book your bike a ticket on for your next trip!!!

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