What happens in Winter...

As the internet seemly takes a vacation for bike teams in the " off season" We wanted to give you a bit of an inside look at what all the ladies of LA Sweat are up to over the winter. 

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Training for sure, but many of us take to the mountain, travel to warmer weather, continue racing a full cross season like a crazy person or even buckle down with our noses in books. The "off season" means many things to many different people. 

Our girl Christa didn't really take any time off, she went straight from Gateway Cup into a full UCI cross season crushing the local and national stage with the Amy D. Foundation. Newbie Sarah hit up the slopes in Vancouver ( skate skiing is probably the hardest thing ever!). Tiff took some much-needed mommy time with her family while also training everywhere she went (that woman is a machine.) 

If that isn't jammed packed enough... Ashley is currently traveling and bike touring in Columbia working on her photo project, check her work out on IG @visualsbyfaye. Mel has been knee deep in med school while also racing collegiate.  Sami is about to embark on a month long tour of route 66 going straight into team camp. Brenna, traveled across the country supporting her cross team S&M CX and  Becca and Kelli have been busy prepping for 2018 while Kim and Fleur have been enjoying the never-ending summers of their hometowns .  

So that's a little run down on all things sweaty in the " off season" which from the sounds of it doesn't seem like much time off. We are ready to rock and roll and defend our title as the top crit team in the US in 2018! 

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