Rollin with our homies DT Swiss

Gear is key, and aside from the bike itself, wheels are next in line for needing high quality and durability. We were so excited to be partnering with DT Swiss in 2018. It's no question that LA Sweat loves crits. But with this comes the chances for flats, broken spokes and broken equipment. We run this risk. DT Swiss offers us the ability to quickly change a flat, fix a broken spoke and be back on the road in no time. We ran their carbon clinchers all year on the road and on the track. 

lasweat_tulsa-3 (1).jpg

Working with DT Swiss is a really exciting opportunity to bring back the beauty of the clincher to road racing. As we wind down the season heading into Gateway Cup we have to say... these wheels rip! they are lightweight, fast and the sound of that hub is something only found in dreams. We can thank them enough for all help and support. Looking forward to rolling into 2019 with DT Swiss. 



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