2018 A Year of the Unexpected

2018 was filled with Sweat, along with blood and tears. Just like any race you go in with a plan. Everyone has a job to do but sometimes no matter how well we do our jobs things just don’t go as planned. One could say it was a year of growing pains for LA Sweat and they would be right but one thing that never wavered was our commitment to the plan and each other.



There were highs, there were lows (probably more lows than we wanted but that is ok.) We sadly lost our road captain Tiff to a nasty crash just 10 mins into the first race of the season. Leaving us a bit shaken and nervous. We rallied together to do our best to not let it get to us but part of “US” was missing. We bonded as a team welcomed new faces and even our first baby. So all in all the season was a success.

We are even more amped up to get 2019 going and welcoming an amazing new roster to the squad. This team has always been built on the foundation that we are a family, we are friends, and we are more than teammates that show up on race day and then go our separate ways.

We are excited to continue on with some of our amazing sponsors and also welcome new partnerships to the mix.

Without further a-do our 2019 roster!

Christa Ghent - Team Captain

Sarah Coney

Emma Roberts

Emily Flynn

Marta Morris

Ashley Weaver

Danielle Morshead

Becca Schepps

Kelli Samuelson

Stay tuned for rider bios and exciting partner news!

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