Sweat (Wet) Camp 2018


For the 2nd year, LA Sweat headed to Trinidad, CA to ride, hang and apparently adopt a cat. The weather is always a lottery, you don't listen to the forecast because it's never right, right? WRONG! this year the forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain. Driving down from Portland we said, "it's the coast anything can change" it did not change but that did not stop us. 


With Specialized coming on board our excitement to take out the new whips was high. A little rain wouldn't stop us. This year we were able to bring the whole squad from around the world. Bringing the group together for a long weekend of riding bonding and getting to know one another. 

When I hire riders, I look at personality a lot more than results, this has now caused me to hire 4 of essentially the exact same person. - Kelli Samuelson Team owner

Jokes were flying and tears of laughter flowing. And coffee, copious amounts of coffee. Pretty sure we went through at least 5 bags of beans. We have something special with this squad and we are itching to get to racing. First up we have a split squad with Tiff, Mel, Kim, Sarah, and Brenna heading to USA Crits Speedweek(end) in Georgia and Sami, Ashley and Fleur headed to the big apple to race Redhook Crit. You can watch the ladies live at usacrits.tv use our affliate link and support Sweat by signing up for the year of live streams for all the USA Crits series. And check out the gallery below from camp. 

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