All we know is we started 2019 off right.

Becca already got out of speeding ticket, Christa had a baby, Sarah got engaged and Kelli moved to Boulder. What else do you need?

New racers, of course.
So here’s the low down on the new new for 2019.

IMG_20180625_132739_331 - Emily Flynn.jpg


aka: @emilyflynn2
First, although she’s from Ottowa Gatineau she knows every US license plate slogan. How? Why? We don’t know. But this makes her dangerous during Sweat Mobile games. She can also flawlessly sing Scrubs by TLC. Pretty impressive. We really just wonder where she stands on the whole Cardi B/Nicki Minaj drama. We’ll find out.

Screenshot_20180317-163624 - Marta Morris.png


aka: @mountainmarta
Riding on the notorious Marian University team, and then for Stages Cycling (and sitting across from Becca all summer during her internship at Stages), Marta, though short, is one tall drink of water. Or should we say tall drink of steak. You see if she had to drink food and eat a drink she says she would drink a steak because she doesn’t enjoy all the chewing or the texture. And she would eat water because in her head it would be a non gelatin jello-ish blob. Appetizing, right? Whatever it is, Marta is also pretty zippy on two wheels.

IMG_3575 - Danielle Morshead.JPG


Hailing from San Anselmo, CA, Dani comes to La Sweat after riding for Team Twenty20. She’s ready to go full gas in 2019, and we’re excited to fill ‘er up. We would like her to teach us how to do this trick in the picture, unless it was just a good moment captured and she fell over afterwards. Unsure, but we will find out.

image_6483441 - Ashley Weaver.JPG


From one of the hottest places on earth, Witchita Falls, TX, this lady is a risk taker. Why do we say that? Well, if she suddenly inherited the power to fly, she wouldn’t mess around. She says she would fly straight to Outer Space. GASP! Would she die? Hopefully not! Hopefully that flying super power also came with an ability to inhale oxygenless air! And race crits. What a dreamy out-of-this-world rebel.

AND NOW… you may already know this one. She rode with us quite a bit last year and was a late addition. We (and by we I mean me) refer to her as Big Bird, but we’re excited for the return of….

F6D5FF1C-E76B-4687-827C-6BA12C103135 - Emma Roberts.jpeg


aka: @emmacoralroberts
She’s tall AF. She from down under, eats tacos like a champ and can sit in a car for 30+ hours — if you stop for tacos. She also has some killer fashun - no that’s not a spelling error. Ready for another round of Emma? We are.

Now, lest not forget the biggest news of all, our returning riders have had some pretty BIG off seasonS:

682572B7-D37C-449E-BBA0-ABD7CA685B09 - Christa Ghent.jpeg


aka: @skibikeglitter
Umm CHRISTA HAD A BABY. Yeah. Is there anything else to even talk about? Oh, she’ll also be road captain. BUT BACK TO THE BABY!?! We are claiming her first born as our official La Sweat Baby. We will group raise her. Sorry Chris, she’s ours, just like Christa.

sarah on la sweat - Sarah Coney.jpg


aka: @coneymaroney
Sarah is back with Sweat in 2019, but this time she’s not just a canadian clacking supertar, she’s also a fiancé. Call us old fashioned, but we’re super stoked. We’re excited to check out the rock that Ryan dropped. We’re excited to hear her squeak about it. AND most importantly we’re excited to recap what will probably be the worst Bachelor season ever — Colton. Bring on Paradise!

and who would we be without…

lasweat_tulsa-9 - kelli samuelson.jpg


aka: @kellisam
In this photo she is only wearing one hat, but usually she wears many. She’s our boss mama, logistic conductor and numero uno best Sweat Mobile driver. She’s the woman behind the whole show, so be nice.

And there’s me...

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.29.13 PM.png


aka: @bescka
|And I bet you’re like,
To that I say, “Settle down. It’ll be out when we are ready.”

But in the mean time, give us all a follow and buy some of our old stuff so we can get our butts and bikes to races.

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