We might be a team and race as a unit, but we all have our own reasons to ride, and our own reasons that inspires us to get out on our bike and push it. 



It’s about freedom.
It’s about testing limits.
It’s about exploring.
It’s about snacks.
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I ride bikes to disconnect; to meditate; to take a step back and appreciate my crazy life.
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I ride for the meditative time, the slower perspective. I race for the thrill of the last lap and what might happen with all-in team effort. 📸: @jimmycampbellphotography #leadtheride #dtswiss


Riding my bike all around the world and meeting cyclists is a good way to go on!
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Riding slow enough to see the beauty in new places and fast enough to feel like I’m flying. That’s why I ride... .
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These ladies. ❤️ This team. 💜You inspire me to ride and know all the lyrics to top 40 tunes. 


A pleasure of riding the bike is that you can ride wherever you want, whenever you can and with any weather. My reason of riding is scape from anything and feel free 🦈
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I ride to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself. To push myself beyond my limits. 
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