LA Sweat is a Criterium-Focused female race team -- races include criteriums on the US Pro Road Tour and fixed gear criteriums part of the Redhook Championship Series.

In 2019 LA Sweat is: Christa Ghent, Sarah Coney, Emma Roberts, Marta Morris, Emily Flynn, Ashley Weaver, Dani Morshead, Becca Schepps, & Kelli Samuelson

LA SWEAT FACT: While the team began in LA, and the majority of the roster was based, 4 years later, not a single rider resides in LA - not even the founder. So feel free to pronounce the team name La Sweat, if that helps.

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LA SWEAT Fact: 60 percent of the team, if given the choice, would be a unicorn. 40% would be a mermaid. 

LA Sweat FACT: In 2015 the squad traveled to almost 50% of the states in the United States as well as British Columbia, London, Milan and Barcelona. 

LA Sweat FACT: The team means business on and off the bike. The team has over 60,000 personal social media followers. That's a lot of impressions. In three years the team was featured in nationwide magazine and mega-popular blogs including getting the cover of Bicycling magazine.  

LA Sweat FACT: The team does real good nails.

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